A Wheel Story

A buddhist-fantasy webcomic

Tara (no surname)

funky little lesbian






Age: 19
Gender: female (she/her)

Tara was raised inside of Savlaho monastery, where upon turning 8, she started training to become a buddhist monk. When she was 17, she chose to de-ordinate and leave to live on her own. Having nothing, Sarahi let her stay and their arrangement hasn't changed.

nicest roommate ever

Sarahi Gotami
Age: 20
Gender: female (she/her)

Sarahi has lived her entire life in Savlaho, taking care of her younger sister and elderly uncle. She maintains and co-owns (in theory) the bar with the mercenaries guild. In exchange for paying some of the building's maintenance, Sarahi lets them post their jobs there.

she's trans

Percival Dogbane
Age: 28
Gender: female (she/her)

A mercenary not from around here. A complete mystery.

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Ruben Cliff-jumper
Age: 38

Mercenary captain for the Savlaho guard, Ruben is a retired soldier who now spends his time doing odd jobs for coin. His temper is rivaled only by his short height.