A Wheel Story

A buddhist-fantasy webcomic

edit:  I changed the name of Tara's hometown on 11/2/18. Sorry for any confusion!

Tara (no surname)

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Age: 19

Tara was raised inside of Avalo monastery, where upon turning 8, she started training to become a buddhist monk. When she was 17, she chose to de-ordinate and leave to live on her own. Having nothing, Sarahi let her stay and their arrangement hasn't changed.

nicest roommate ever

Sarahi Gotami
Age: 20

Sarahi has lived her entire life in Avalo, taking care of her younger sister and elderly uncle. She maintains and co-owns (in theory) the bar with the mercenaries guild. In exchange for paying some of the building's maintenance, Sarahi lets them post their jobs there.

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Percival Dogbane
Age: 28

A mercenary whose "not from around here." A complete mystery.

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Ruben Cliff-jumper
Age: 48

Mercenary captain for the Avalo guard, Ruben is a retired soldier who now spends his time "overseeing" town safety and doing odd jobs for coin. His temper is rivaled only by his short height.

or as Ruben describes him, "Local Bachelor" Cheol-min Han

Cheol-min Han
Age: 21

Because of an arm injury, Cheol-min is retired from the mercenary business and keeps payments, members and bills on tab. He's good friends with Sarahi.

Abbot Brahmadatta (Dharma name)
former name unknown.
Age: over 100, (estimate)

A monk who has been abbot of the Avalo monastery for as long as anyone can remember. Rumor has it that he built it all by himself.