A Wheel Story

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Chapter 2 - page 11

17th Jan 2019, 3:55 PM in Chapter 2 - Snake Eyes
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Chapter 2 - page 11
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Author Notes:

lilacbombs 17th Jan 2019, 3:55 PM edit delete
Pretty as a picture! but what lurks underneath...?

Glad I finally got this done. Don't know if I'll get page 12 done this week too, but I'll try. I have to get go back to school soon >.<

By the way, I think tara said "shit" in one of the earlier pages, and I wanted to clarify that this comic isn't marked for explicit language because I consider it about PG-13. You'll hear the f-word like maybe... once or twice in the whole comic. Comicfury doesn't seem to have very hard rules about this sort of thing, at least from what I could gather.