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Chapter 5 - The Long Night

13th Nov 2019, 4:58 PM in Chapter 5 - The Long Night
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Chapter 5 - The Long Night
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Author Notes:

lilacbombs 13th Nov 2019, 4:58 PM edit delete
After confronting June on his avoidant behavior, Tara and Laomia both learn of his true motivations. But has Tara shown the same honesty? the night is long when you can't sleep and there are 2 years worth of silence between you and your best friend.

I contemplated not releasing this, only because I'm not entirely sure if I can get page 1 out by saturday *knocks on wood* since I have family visiting this weekend. But it's alright– I think with vector layers lineart has gone a lot faster. (among other things.)
This chapter, as slightly explained above (comicury has a limited amount of characters for it's chapter descriptions) will be about Tara and June confronting some stuff about their time as novices, their friendship, Tara's whole deal etc. I hope you're as excited for it as I am! It will be shorter than a lot of my previous chapters too (around nine pages), because I think it's more contained from the rest of the story.