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A Memory of a Funeral

19th Apr 2020, 6:10 PM in Chapter 6 - Journey's Start
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A Memory of a Funeral
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lilacbombs 19th Apr 2020, 6:10 PM edit delete
When Tara was 15 and June was 13, there was an accident at their local quarry. A couple of stone-cutters and miners had dug into the side of the hills overlooking the town and hit a pocket of combustible gas. The result was eight people dead, and a quick funeral needed for the deceased. One that required all the manpower Avalo vihara had. This is that memory.


Hi everyone. I wrote these next two pages on a whim to cope with the recent pandemic. My feelings about it have actually improved a lot since writing this, but still. I wanted to make something commemorating this time and how I felt about it. Maybe it could be of comfort for others, too. I never could have predicted that I'd be making wheel story through a major historical event like this.
Sorry for the long silence. I know a pandemic and sudden quarantine is a pretty good excuse for slacking on a comic but I figured I should say something. I originally planned to release this alongside the second one but I felt like an upload was long overdue. The next one will be out soon, along with page 4.
Thank you so much to everyone who's followed thus far. Stay safe and wash your hands! To those of you not in quarantine because you're an essential worker, thank you for everything you've done!