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Chapter 6 - page 6

9th Jun 2020, 12:58 PM in Chapter 6 - Journey's Start
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Chapter 6 - page 6
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Author Notes:

lilacbombs 9th Jun 2020, 12:58 PM edit delete
It seems Aba's good at the element of surprise.


Sorry again for how late this page is. Harmone stuff + recent events have made it hard to function. (there is construction going on at my house.) The good news is I've gotten a job part-time, with great hours and good pay! The orientation isn't for some time so It'll give me plenty of time to work on my comic.
Speaking of recent events, I hope it's not a disappointment for people to hear that I and this comic are in full support of the BLM movement. The Wool Wolf collective is black-lead and is all for uplifting the voices of black people. Through June 10th (I'm extending that date) I'm doing charity commissions for the movement. Please also consider donating to other bail funds/etc. that help black people during this time.
p.s. Please continue to give input as to what you want to see from my Patreon. My goal for june is getting 2 pages done a week!
p.s.s. Happy pride month! <3